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If I'm Louder..
If I'm Louder..
Maybe I'm a little bit obsessed....
No I think you can say that Im very obsessed. Dreaming, talking, laughing and thinking a lot about five boys who live their dreams. They're my inspiration and also my biggest money costs
Thanks for following my blog, hope you like it :) If you do feel free to follow, i always follow back
And oh Im Anne, 15, Netherlands ❤
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“4 years ago I didn’t even had a passport.”

— Zayn Malik (29. June 2014 Milan)

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Louis fell in front of paparazzi and the rest of the boys fell too, so he wouldn’t be embarrassed. 

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"You’ve got a real shot here, guys."- Simon Cowell, July 23rd 2010

"You’ve got a real shot here, guys."
- Simon Cowell, July 23rd 2010

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Most important moment in fandom history

I scrolled past this, & I felt the need to reblog this. 

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it’s been 4 years…

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you know you’ve been here for a long time if you remember this phase of our fandom


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this is the most one direction has ever been on my dash since summer 2012

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 2010 - 2014 

Happy 4 years, I can’t believe how fast time goes.

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Throwback to my One Direction concert❤️


Throwback to my One Direction concert❤️

"Zayn, you are brilliant at everything!" - Louis Tomlinson

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